NetLogo-Rserve-Extension ...and your agents speek statistics

What is it?

The NetLogo-Rserve-Extension provides primitives to use the statistical software GNU R via the Rserve package (based on TCP/IP connection) within a NetLogo model. There are primitives to create R-Variables with values from NetLogo variables or agents and others to evaluate commands in R with and without return values. The Rserve server can run on your local machine or on a different machine also connected via TCP/IP. It is very easy to setup but has, compared to the NetLogo-R-Extension less functionalities (e.g. no interactive R shell).


How to get it?

Download the zip file for your NetLogo version, unzip the file inside your extensions directory of your NetLogo installation. Now, you shoud see an rserve folder inside the extensions folder. See the documentation inside rserve/doc for further instructions. Note, that you will need to connect to a running Rserve server.


What else?

If you don't need to connect to an Rserve server but want to use R from within NetLogo have a look on our NetLogo-R-Extension, which provides some more functions and uses rJava/JRI instead of TCP/IP network connections.

Furthermore, an R package to connect NetLogo from within R (named RNetLogo) is also ready to use. It is the other way round and available on R-Forge and CRAN.

See also our simulation software tools overview webpage.

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